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. it's the final face-off between president obama and governor romney but is anyone actually going to be watching? competing for the eyeballs on tv tonight, if you didn't already know it, monday night football, bears and lions, game seven of the baseball playoffs, giants and cardinals. look, we've seen the debates really do move the needle, but can a foreign policy debate compete against major sporting events? for the sports fans out there, we have some stats for you. how is this? our new cnn poll of polls shows it's a dead heat, 47/47. a let me bring in brianna keilar, live from boca raton, florida. the president admittedly took a bit of a foois in debapass in d one, really feisty in debate number two. which one are we going to see tonight? >> reporter: i think what they would say we're expecting to see is someone who is in command, and they're going to obviously sort of position him and they have throughout debate prep, he's the person who has had four years of foreign policy hands-on experience, ashleigh, as you know, you really can't trade four years of hands-on experience. tha
millions of americans watched the final presidential debate, the obama campaign wants to reach millions more. just in to cnn, president obama is rolling out a brand new advertising campaign over the airwaves, internet and in glossy pamphlets. why? cnn chief white house correspondent jessica yellin joins us from the president's first stop today, del ray beach, florida. tell us about this new effort. >> reporter: hi, carol. fresh off the debate, the president is doing a tour of the battleground states. and he's delivering a message that he is fighting for the middle class and that he has a plan for his second term, answering critics who say he's not giving enough specifics. i guess they figured if you write it down, it looks specific. they have a 19-page glossy new plan for jobs and middle class security that really details a lot of what we've heard from him before on education, manufacturing, energy, getting the u.s. out of afghanistan over time and tax reform. i've looked through it. the specifics in this really have to do with his past accomplishments on health care, on jobs and the ec
received nearly $2 million from obama's stimulus programs. so let's go straight to gloria borgeer who i know is watching the speech. my question number one for you is this. i didn't hear a lot new in the speech. i'm guessing you didn't hear much new in the speech either. so given that fact, isn't it a bit risky, though, to introduce new policy here with 10, 11 days to go? isn't this really about getting voters excited getting out to vote? >> it's about getting independent voters to really take a look at you as somebody who is reasonable. as you said, this is really not about new ideas. this is about a different tone, a different kind of appeal. talking about change. i mean, four years ago. remember, barack obama was the candidate of change. you can't do that when you're the incumbent but it's easy to do when you're the challenger. so you make the case for change. you admit, as mitt romney did, that barack obama was kind of dealt a bad hand, but then you say, you know what? he didn't do enough to get us out of this. he didn't do what he needed to do. and i'm optimistic, show some optimis
presidential debate. president obama, former massachusetts governor mitt romney, they will take to the stage and i'll show you a live picture now. lindh university at boca raton, florida, that's where it will take place. this format will be unlike any presidential debate so far this year. what is the format and how important is this, sort of final debate as they try to get the last votes and the last words? >> reporter: martin, we have been saying this week after week, this is the most important night of the election season and this is going to be the most important night of the election season, tomorrow night's debate. it's going to take place right behind me at lindh university in boca raton. mitt romney is surging, barack obama trying to stem a little bit of the political bleeding right now. the format calls for talk about foreign policy. they're going to talk about the changing face of the middle east specifically in regards to terrorism and they're going to talk about china. they're going to be seated at a table, perhaps that might swell a little bit of the fire works. the fact of the m
obama with respect to the swing state. the latest "time" magazine poll that came out yesterday showed the president ahead of mitt romney by 5 percentage points. our cnn polling of polls has a smaller advantage for president obama by three points but as you said, he has to win this state to i guess join the long list of republican candidates who went on to the white house. they've won ohio. he has to do that if he wants to follow that trend. there are other ways to get here if he doesn't win the state. he's going to be talking about the economy, of course. we've been hearing that over the last couple days and yesterday he sort of repackaged his stump speech and message framing it in a way to communicate to families saying what's in the best interest of your family, how are the housing prices affecting your family, how is the national debt affecting your family. we may be hearing more about that in just a few moments from now. i have to tell you, as you know, ashleigh, there's been a distraction for the campaign over the last 24 hours and has to do with indiana republican senate candida
creation irrespective of who's president is 8 million jobs. this is a 50% increase. president obama's people matched that claim. they said that's a lobar, would he can do it. they both think they can create 12 million jobs over five years. where's the math? ashleigh, it's happened three times. first one world war ii. two more recent times have been under president reagan and president clinton where 12 million jobs were created over a four-year period. gdp was above 4.3 in both cases. gdp is 2%. if we're lucky it will be 3% next year. how do you get to these jobs? what you've got is presidential candidates going out and saying the future will be brighter under me but when you push them for details, we don't get the response and the satisfaction. most people have decided who they're voting for. those undecideds want answers. ashleigh, he's gotten this far without giving those kinds of specifics. i'm not sure why he'll change that today. >> the numbers sound awesome and we all want to be optimistic. >> yes. >> maybe rose colored glasses when you don't have the specifics but you have th
>>> welcome back to our continuing coverage of hurricane sandy. president barack obama suspending his campaigning, now back to the primary duties of his job as the country's leader. just moments ago he was at fema headquarters in washington, d.c. talking about the hurricane. let's listen in. >> good afternoon, everybody. obviously all of us across the country are concerned about the potential impact of hurricane sandy. this is a serious and big storm. and my first message is to all people across the eastern seaboard, mid-atlantic going north, you need to take this very seriously. follow the instructions of your state and local officials because they are going to be providing you with the best advice in terms of how to deal with this storm over the coming days. we just had an excellent meeting with the fema team here, the various agencies that are in charge, including the department of defense, department of energy and others that are going to need to respond very quickly. under craig fugate's leadership here at fema, we've had a chance to talk to the region al officials as well, a
this morning, president obama gets the endorsement of a much-loved republican. can it break the deadlock in an election that's just 12 days away? >>> also new this morning, the health of our economy. new jobless claims are out. it looks good. is it a sign the economy might be turning around? >>> a man loses his home to foreclosure and gets a mortgage settlement offer but it's not enough to even cover his first months rent. keith ward from michigan will join us later this hour. >>> and tigers fans, they are no fans of kung fu panda. gets things going with a bang. it was actually more like bang, ba bang, bang. "newsroom" starts now. >>> good morning to you. happy thursday. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining us. president obama is about to take the stage in tampa. and he'll have some big news to celebrate with his supporters. just over an hour ago, republican with vast crossover aappeal announced his endorsement for obama. listen to this from former secretary of state colin powell. >> i voted for him in 2008 and plan to stick with him in 2012 and i'll be voting for he and vic
earlier. the economy is getting better just enough so that i think president obama will go over the line. >> 2% is not great but it's enough that every side will get to say exactly what they want to say about the economy. >> i agree. "cnn newsroom" starts right now with carol costello. >>> stories in the "newsroom," deadly hurricane sandy on track to mix with a huge winter storm. where and when could it hit? >>> breaking news on the health of our economy. new measure of what our economy produces. we're live to tell you what that means. >>> todd akin and richard mourdock better watch out. tina fey is coming after them. why the comedian says their rape comments will make her lose her mind. >>> not fast enough to beat the throw home. ooh, world series nail biter. newsroom starts right now. >>> we have to start with news on our economy. breaking news. the country's gross domestic product picking up steam, growing by 2% in the the last quarter. that is better than most economists had had predicted. the gdp is our broadest measure of economic health, helping to move that number forward, a boos
. in a month that's seen mitt romney surge and president obama stumble. tonight's showdown could be all that's needed to tip the scales from this deadlocked race. romney walks in with the most approved according to to a "washington post"/abc news poll. only 40% of registered voters believe he would do a better job at handling international affairs. that's compared to half for president obama. both men will be gunning for that 5% that's uncommitted. white house correspondent brianna keilar is in boca raton, florida, for the primetime face-off. brianna, by all accounts romney won the first debate. at least held his own in the second. as a former governor, he has no foreign policy experience. so does that put him at a huge disadvantage tonight? >> reporter: you know, that would put him at a disadvantage in terms of his grasp of the subject matter. president obama has four years of hands on experience with foreign policy. and you just can't beat that. but we're in this really interesting situation where the president is also very vulnerable to mitt romney because of what has happened in libya in
president obama and mitt romney are saying on the trail today. first, i want you to hear some instant reaction, instant analysis, moments of the debate ended last night. we'll begin with wolf blitzer. >> much more civilized debate than the second debate. there were a few areas where they got into it, especially domestic economic issues. especially the future of the u.s. car industry. they fought over that issue. you can see the children up there, the kids, mitt romney's five sons arrives, the grandchildren are all up there as well. they're probably staying up on the stage for a few minutes. this was a debate where on foreign policy they wound up agreeing, even though there were knee audiences of disagreement, they wound up basically in terms of the big picture agreeing on a lot on iran, on israel, afghanistan, libya, syria. even on china basically the thrust was an agreement, even though at times they had a little rhetorical flourishes against each other. candy crowley is on the scene for us over there. candy, what did you think? >> it was interesting, wolf. i thought that they came w
and final debate, seven hours away. and here is just about the past half hour or so, president obama has arrived in southern florida. we should tell you that mitt romney is already there. the scene of tonight's debate is boca raton. and the subject is foreign policy. and the format will be this, barack obama and mitt romney, seated, they're going to be seated around a table with bob schieffer of cbs news. that's a hall you're looking at, obviously, it is a rehearsal. as you can see, they will be pretty cozy sitting around that table there. and now just in time for tonight's big debate, a very big story concerning foreign policy. possible, possible talks between the united states and iran after the election. one on one talks about iran's nuclear program and that would be a major shift in washington's policy toward tehran. keep in mind, though, the obama administration and iran both denight the talks have been agreed to. jim acosta, to you, he's at the scene for us of tonight's big debate, our coverage by the way begins tonight at 7:00 eastern. curious timing here, the story about potentia
. tonight president obama and mitt romney square off in their third and final debate, if you didn't know already. the tie breaks and the split decision on the previous two debates have raised the stakes for tonight. the focus? foreign policy. you can expect both candidates to also try to shift the discussion, of course, to their domestic agenda. here's the format for you. it's a 90-minute debate and can be divided into six segments of 15 minutes each. each segment starting with a question followed by two-minute answers from the candidates and then a bit of a chat and some discussion. this time they're going to be seated with the moderator, unlike last week's town hall and the first debate that was standing behind the podiums. libya, iran, china, just some of the issues that will come up tonight, no doubt. we're going to break down those issues and what's at stake. here's white house correspondent diana keiller, and foreign affairs correspondent ellise lavin. let's start with you, briana. we can expect mitt romney to raise, you know, more questions about the terrorist attack in b benghazi
to decide. does president obama get four more years or does mitt romney get a shot at the oval office? they each made the case last night during the final presidential debate and yesterday we really wondered if anybody was going to watch. after all, this big debate, third and final, was competing for eyeballs against two huge sporting events. we do have a best measure this early on. it is a strange one. a unique one. twitter, debate one brought us 10.3 million tweets. debate number 2, the number fell to 7.2. last night it fell further to 6.5 million tweets which is still a lot of people. right after it was over we had a chance to do more normal polling and we asked debate watchers who won and here are the numbers. 48% gave the victory to president obama. 40% said governor romney got the best of it. as dana bash reports, regardless of the outcome, both men had a specific game plan to further their case. >> mitt romney came wanting voters to see him as commander in chief. the commander in chief came determined to make sure that didn't happen. >> i know you haven't been in a position to
. president obama wrapping up a 48-hour marathon with stops today in tampa, florida, richmond, virginia, and cleveland, ohio. on the way from richmond to cleveland, he stops in chicago to vote. his rally in tampa, the president said mitt romney's policies have not worked in the past, not going to move the country forward. he revived his line. this line about romnesia. >> we joke about romnesia, but, you know, all of this -- all of this speaks to something that's really important in this election. that is the issue of trust. you know, when you elect a president, you're counting on someone you can trust to fight for you. who you can trust to do what they say they're going to do. who can trust that you can trust to make sure that when something unexpected happens he or she will be thinking about your families, your future. trust matters. florida, you know me. >> mitt romney focussing on the make or break state of ohio today. he started with a rally just a short time ago in cincinnati. >> new poll showing president obama with a five-point edge in ohio, but romney says the president has no p
speaking to a town outside of columbus. meantime, president obama day two of his eight-state tour. here he is arriving in richmond, virginia. this is just earlier this afternoon. speaking of richmond, virginia, this is where we find jessica llin. bus.on the phone with us from jehere four more states for the president today. after four states yesterday. let's talk about the pace the president's keeping. keeping it up for 12 days until november 6th? >> reporter: no. not continuously. i don't think any of us could do that. we were cleared early. i was supposed to be on camera for you and they said we're going. so we are on our way now to ohio. i'm having a little bit of yellinesia and cast himself in chicago and then, brooke, the president will head bc to the white house and have a bit of a rest. and then he hits the trail again. he did have a bit of a bounce today, a bit of good news for himself when he got an unexpected endorsement with no forewarning from general colin powell. he learned about it when the rest of the world did with this announcement. listen to this. >> i was proud and hum
. in the meantime, the campaigning for presidency continues. you're looking at president barack obama in new hampshire while obama as well as mitt romney will be modifying their touring, crisscrossing the battleground states because of the weather. for now, the president is taking advantage of this visit, his tenth visit to new hampshire. >> 70 degrees and sunny. can everybody please give it up for your outstanding united states senator, gene shaheen? your next governor, maggie hessen. your next congresswoman, annie custer. and i've got to say something special about one of the most talented singers, songwiteriter that america has had. he's a great friend, he's been working his tail off on behalf of the campaign. i couldn't be prouder he's working with us, james taylor. give him a big round of applause. i love you back. ten days, new hampshire. ten days. ten days and you'll be stepping into a voting booth and making a defining choice about the future of our country. not just a choice between two candidates or two political parties. it's a choice between two fundamentally different visions fo
. both president obama and governor romney will be called on to give their vision for that region. cnn's jones gives us that vision. >> the third and final faceoff between president obama and governor romney will focus entirely on foreign policy. from afghanistan to pakistan, to israel, iran and the changing middle east, the candidates will spar over america's role in the world, the new face of terrorism and how to deal with the rise in china. with polls showing the president's advantage over romney on foreign policy has narrowed since the summer, mr. obama tried to highlight one of his biggest foreign policy accomplishments at a light-hearted charity dinner in new york. >> monday's debate is a little different because monday's topic is foreign policy. spoil spoiler alert: we got bin laden. >> he also poked fun at his opponent. >> some of you remember, after my foreign trip in 2008, i was attacked as a celebrity because i was so popular with our allies overseas. i have to say i'm impressed with how well governor romney has avoided that problem. >> for his part, romney could try again t
it knew it. as you might remember, the obama administration has been under fire for being slow to label the military-like siege an act of terrorism. four americans died in that attack, including the u.s. ambassador to libya, christopher stevens. here's the latest. cnn has obtained government e-mails showing that just two hours -- just two hours after the attack, both the fbi and the state department were told that anise llamaist group was taking credit. here is one of those e-mails. embassy tripol ireports the group claimed responsibility on facebook and twitter and has called for an attack on embassy tripoli. the chairman of the house intelligence committee. >> this is clearly a place where they had wanted to have some terrorist success on the compound. what you saw in e-mails in that real time was a real description. if you notice, there was no talk of demonstrations or other things. it was clearly very early identified with a terrorist affiliate. >> zain verjee covers the state department for us. she joins us now from london. first question, how accurate is intelligence moments after
's romney's agenda. that's what he is saying. president obama also promoting his own plan for the economy. he had similar issues where are we are talking about providing american manufacturing, energy made in america, growing small businesses, quality education, and cutting the deficit by more than $4 trillion. putting any charge of your health care and protecting retirement security. all those things can they do? we don't know. mitt romney giving his economic speech in ames, iowa. that is helping the next hour. you know, iowa one of the battleground states. six electoral votes. of the two most recent national polls, one has the president ahead by eight points. the other has the race tied. iowa's unemployment rate 5.2%. that's actually lower than the national average, so iowa, why now? joining us to talk about it, cnn political editor paul steinhauser. talk about this new report that shows the economy grew much better than what economists actually expected. romney put out a statement saying it's disappointing, discouraging. what do we know about today's speech? is he actually going to be
away. the race is dead even. both president obama and mitt romney, they're crisscrossing the country hitting those make or break states. the president just finished speaking at a rally in davenport, iowa, where he talked about his nonstop campaign sprint. >> this is the first stop on our 48-hour nonstop campaign extravaganza. we're going to pull an all-nighter. no sleep. we're starting here in iowa. we're going to colorado. then we're going to go to nevada. then we're going to florida, virginia, ohio. i am going to stop in chicago to vote. >> he is calling it a 4846 hour extravaganza. we expect on to hear from vice president biden. he has a campaign stop in ohio. another key battleground state. >>> in syria today rare note of optimism from diplomats trying to end the civil war there. the u.n.'s point man for peace in syria says the government there has agreed to stop fighting. at least for a four-day holiday that begins on friday. now, as encouraging as it sounds, there is a problem. every cease-fire that's been negotiated has failed. 19 months of fighting. an estimated 40,000 people
on the important battleground states, all of them. and jim avalon is in virginia, a state that president obama won four years ago, and a state mitt romney would really love to have in his column ten days from now. everybody would love to have every single state in their column. so why is virginia -- first of all, how are you doing? why is virginia so important to the election? >> reporter: i'm doing great, we'll talk to students at washington university in just a bit. virginia is one of the three big swing states, florida, virginia, ohio, the path of the battleground bus that we have been on. virginia is fascinating, because president obama was the first democrat to win it since lyndon johnson, in 1964. the population is growing, more diverse now. now the population growth, frankly well to the north of virginia was to his benefit in 2008. right now, the economy here in virginia, pretty good compared to the rest of the country, 8% national. so this is a place democrats hope they could win again. it is tight, they have a very competitive senate race. every vote counts. it is really about the ground
are watching the clock here, because president obama is about to speak any moment. this has to be huge, not just for mr. romney, but it has to be huge for the senate race. >> sure. >> and let's start in the senate race. this was already a race tighter than republicans had expected, regardless of this. and there's no question that democrats are jumping on this. they've already nationally released a web video. they took ten minutes, ashleigh, to put out a statement, because they believe this is something that will play right into, as you said, their war on women narrative against republicans. but the one thing i will say, though, remember during todd akin's controversy, the republicans nationally really threw him under the bus. >> is that what they're going to do this time? >> they're not doing this time, not at all. because they argue this is different. and you know what, in many ways it is. what todd akin said is something that is biologically, scientifically, not accurate. women cannot reject pregnancy out of rape. what mourdock was saying, inarticulately, he explained afterwards, he
and obama on the campaign trail. even though this storm is kind of changing their plans, but they're full steam ahead on trying to get support. >> yeah. it's going to be interesting today to see how this storm pans out too. it's changing hour by hour. >> we're going to begin with that. we are seeing sandy is taking on a different personality by the minute but it is right now a hurricane strength and it is 355 miles southeast of charleston, south carolina. the wind gusts have increased to 90 miles per hour. washington, d.c., pennsylvania, maryland, virginia, new york and new jersey have all declared states of emergency already. in virginia, warships are tied up to their piers. sailors are getting sandbags prepared and national guard members are already in place and ready for action and along the jersey shore from cape may to ocean city, businesses are already boarding up and sandbagging getting ready for what sandy just might bring. so, further south now, north carolina, also gearing up for sa sandy. a total of 40 counties are under a state of emergency. george howell joins us from kill de
. >>> the storm has forced the presidential candidates to rearrange their travel plans. president barack obama campaigns in florida tomorrow. that's away from the storm. and mitt romney has canceled rallies in virginia. he'll be in ohio instead. i want you to take a look at this young lady. this is amanda rubio, the 12-year-old daughter of florida senator marco rubio. she'll spend the night in a miami hospital after a golf cart accident today. she has a head injury and is in fair condition. her dad, the senator, was campaigning with mitt romney when he got the news and headed immediately to miami. >>> we have a lot more planned for you this saturday night. here's what else we're working on. ridiculous rhetoric. >> explain to me why retard is inappropriate. >> from ann coulter to donald trump rn trump, the partisan election blather explodes. we take a stand. the poll, so many of them, who do they call? my cell phone or land line, should we believe them? we have of questions for the pollster who knows it all. >>> here comes sandy, the massive hurricane barreling up the east coast heading straigh
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 86 (some duplicates have been removed)